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ALA Enterprises Capital Investments 2022!

Updated: May 6, 2022

ALA Enterprises is looking to invest and help grow the small business community!

As we begin to look ahead into the new year, one of the needs we learned about in 2021 was the desire for small business owners to add capitol into their foundation to support their growth efforts. Operating a small business requires resources and support that not all may initially qualify or have access, and our solution is to strategically align with the right opportunities that will allow our business team to make external investments to help guide winning situations.

Many business owners that we spoke with in 2021 were in the market for small micro infusions that would have helped purchase new equipment or supplement a salary, that would have created unique opportunities for increased long term growth and sustainability.

In 2022 we are looking to be a partner with the innovators that will lead markets into the next generation, and supporting the growth of other visionaries as we grow ourselves, is a method of organic creative destruction that will lead us to collaboratively build the future together.

Lamont Anderson is a business consultant and President of ALA Enterprises. He is an entrepreneurial dreamer with accredited educational success with a master's and bachelor's in business with over 10 years of quality experience in the world of aviation. If you are need business growth strategy, contact him at


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