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Ensure that your brand has a soul

Updated: May 6, 2022

When we start a business, our primary focus is on the product/service to be offered, obtaining the capital to push forward and building the necessary infrastructure to create success. I completely agree that the foundation of starting a business should be centered upon making money, if you’re not doing that then your story will be short lived. But in times of high competition and many choices available to consumers, differentiation is key. Connecting with consumers to establish and build strong relationships are critical to achieving and maintaining long term success. One of the key components needed to obtain connections that will withstand the test of time is ensuring that your brand has a soul that your consumers can feel and touch.

One of the businesses that I work with for social media management is Anderson Oil, the premier mobile automotive maintenance and repair service in the state of Kansas. When I look at many of the brands that perform vehicle services overall, it is much of what we have come to expect. A bland and rather robotic approach that really delivers no insight or in depth building of rapport with customers. Anderson Oil often refers to their customers as “automotive family members” and you can see a reflection of this attitude with the various interactions with their clients.

The owner of the company releases videos often engaging with his automotive family members, regularly takes selfies with customers during appointments, sends out a company newsletter, as there are even days when he takes his family on the road for service appointments. All of these activities are in alignment with the core of the business being family owned, family operated, while providing the real-life touch that conveys that each service is more than a transaction but rather a focus to build relationships to last a lifetime.

As you strive for business growth and long-term success, make sure that you are setting out to create an experience that will deliver an atmosphere that your customers will welcome each time they need your product or service. Don’t simply allow your business vision to arrive at fruition but allow it to thrive with a life force that will leave your customer base with an unforgettable feeling each time out.

Lamont Anderson is a business consultant and President of ALA Enterprises. He is an entrepreneurial dreamer with accredited educational success with a master's and bachelor's in business with over 10 years of quality experience in the world of aviation. If you are need business growth strategy, contact him at

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